Typical training cycles

These are the typical training cycles to obtain the right skills for this sport

Typical training cycles

1. Baptism (maximum 3 trainees by bicycle and trainer). Get out from the yacht club ramp

Average time: 20 minutes. Note: If there is more than one trainee you cannot practice departure from deep water during baptism, although it can be demonstrated by a trainer.

2. Dominate the assisted exit of ramp + roll/navigate without leaving the mouth (protection of the breakwaters), domain of turns and control in navigation (maximum 2 students per bike and trainer, this limit is maintained for all the formations from 3 to 7)

Average time: 60 minutes. Note: You cannot practice deep water output until the end of the formation, although it can be demonstrated.

3. Having left several times from deep water + domain of turns and control in navigation

Average time: 3 days x 3 hours.

4. Dominate the departure of deep water and domain of turns and control in navigation with currents and/or wind

Average time: 1 day x 2 hours.

5. Dominate deep waters exit with some waves of around 1 meter and their corresponding navigation

Average time: 2 days x 2 hours.

6. Dominate all outputs with waves of more than 1 meter with its corresponding navigation

Average time: 3 days x 2 hours.

7. Dominate all the outputs, with its corresponding navigation, it is responsible to calculate risks of currents and tides of their exits and is also autonomous to organize the exits with their external help-auxilio according to the climatic conditions

Average time: 3 days x 2 hours.

Note: The average times are calculated for 1 instructor 1 student 1 bike. If 3 students hire 1 instructor 1 bike, the times multiply by 3 (the 20 minutes goes to 60 minutes).